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Ivan Grautstück
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About me

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Hey, I’m a young graphic designer from Zurich who is interested in all kinds of visual communication. I really like working with typography, animation, illustration and tourning them into conceptual reality.

Contact me at
Mail: ivgrau02@gmail.com
Phone: 079 346 47 15

You will often catch me with my little camera-companion in my pocket, sketching in my A5 sketchbook, whilst listening to music and imagining obscurities all around me. If not, than I am working tediously on my new painting at my atelier in the «Schönau-Areal» in Wetzikon; building a canvas bigger than ever bevore!

Sometimes I work on my PC-build, installing more ram to test out the newest DAW update, or some heavy renders on a 3D programm. On the weekends, the combination of playing video games with friends and having something nice to eat by my side is the perfect way to relax.

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