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From searching for a way to archive my photographic contents, up to a carefully curated documentation of my life, and through the  lens of a camera, travelling in my pocket, every day for over a year.  This is a limited edition collection in the form of an editorial.

As each cover is unique, each book exists just once, floating around in all kind of different hands.

With my fuji x-s10 and a 23mm fujinon pankacke lens attached to it in my pocket, i tried to catch moments that have that certain feeling to it. That weird feeling of comfort, social connection and awkwardness. The one moment you show your friends, that you dont actually know all too well, but they get it. 

They get that moment, that weird feeling. Beeing a graphic designer gives me opportunities like documenting this passive work in a editorial form and print it for archiving these moments. A collection of forgotten memories and showcase of my improvement over this one year period of having a camera on me every time, every day. Binded my myself and developing it further into a limited series.

Prototype, selfbinded:

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