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Made during the fourth year of my apprenticeship at allink AG, I was able to construct and animate the Logo of Chesa Rosatsch. In the following examples you will see different applications of said Logo.

Logo Design, Animation made by me with allink AG
Photos, Videos & Branding © allink AG

What is Chesa Rosatsch?

Chesa Rosatsch is a hotel in the Engadin that celebrates the culinary richness of the region. With three restaurants interpreting local traditions in contemporary ways, it offers unforgettable culinary experiences. The hotel also invites guests to explore the unique natural landscapes of the Alps. Shaped by the Engadine mountain world for over 400 years, 

The hotel is a haven for food enthusiasts and outdoor lovers alike. Its culinary team collaborates closely with local small businesses to create exciting food experiences, and the surroundings provide an inspiring backdrop for personal stories and lasting memories.

The following visuals are made by allink AG and serves for context only!

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