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«Grafik Werkschau»
Kulturschüür, Männedorf, 2024
Visual: Laura Binkert

Coming soon !!

Apero at 05. July, 3pm-12pm

«Ist das Kunst oder kann das weg?» 
Kulturschüür, Männedorf, 2024
Visual: Luca Garzi

By placing the same or similar pieces next to each other it provokes and irritates the viewer of mixing the digital and analog medium. some revoke against the digital movement, while other happily welcome it.

«Werkschau 2023» 
Schönau Areal, Wetzikon, 2023
Visual: Ivan Grautstück

Responsible for organising and curating. My works presented in this exhibition were a series ofposters as an f4 format.

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