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Ivan Grautstück
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Digital Painting

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The digital process is an important step in my career. With my tablet, I draw so many different styles and often mix the analog with this new, digital process together. Its a big passion and is a really interesting discussion point for people who reject this new wave of art.


No Burger but windows 11, 2024

a, 2024

Nice Burger, 2024

figures one, 2024

QV infodump, 2024

What am i doing. I have Diarrhea again. , 2024

Mased Potatoes, 2024

«Holy shit there is a Burgerking next to my atelier», 2024

Too much, 2024

Ignorance is Burger, 2024

3 am, 2023

We are a tool! nothing more, 2024

Man sitting, 2024

Erster Schlag, 2023

Big Mac on Floor, 2024

Bad night, 2023

Realise, 2023

Machtspiele, 2024

Pommes am Boden, 2024

Gaddafi’s Geld, 2023

Gaddafi’s Geld 2, 2023

Mau, 2023

Milano, 2023


Want Less

I also like to archive my Paintings as videos of the process to analyse for myself and post them to the public.

Comics during free time

There are periods where i like to work on a comic of some sort during my free time. Working on completly different styles and focusing on the art of paneling and storytelling.

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